We make VR a community experience.

Use VR Sync and manage your virtual reality presentations, live streamings, events, and movie screenings worldwide, all with synchronised audio.

We bring people and brands together.

Nothing fascinates people more than emotions. They connect individuals of an audience, making the event itself an unforgettable experience.

Through audio and video synchronicity VR Sync supports the impression of a story in the virtual world. We create an intense community experience that inspires people to share it with their social network. With our custom tailored presentation solutions for virtual reality you can make people talk about you and ensure a lasting impression of your brand.

  • Create a social event
  • Emotions of the audience are perceptible and audible
  • Ideal building block for immersive storytelling
  • Easy to use, no headphones

VR Sync Features

Sync VR audiosync

Audio Synchronisation

VR Sync can synchronise an unlimited number of devices, audio- and video-synchronously, frame-accurate to the millisecond. Headphones are no longer necessary. External audio sources are controlled synchronously thus creating an authentic cinema experience.

VR Sync global remote Management

Global Remote Control

Synchronise, start and stop media content and live streaming worldwide over the Internet, without any time delay - with VR Sync it is fast and easy. Control movies, presentations, voting, trivias, and second screen offers independently of the location. Additional features can also be added based on individual requirements.

VR Sync autoUpdate

Auto Content Update

Once the app is installed, it automatically updates new media content on all devices, at all times. No additional button press is required.

With the VR Sync Controller...

  • control all content centrally via network services
  • start and stop the synchronization from your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • get an overview of all contents, devices and their system status
  • organize external video files and URLs easily
  • synchronize the entire audience with the push of a button (VR calibration)

We stage virtual worlds.

Start with your brand.

Each brand has its own individual story. To faciliate the start of your unique storytelling, we can create a personalised VR Welcome Room with a background photo, a movie or a 3D scene. Many big brands and agencies were convinced by the offer and have successfully used VR Sync at their events.

In addition, we offer the following customised solutions:

  • Full event setup service
  • Device configuration
  • Virtual avatar and interactive 3D rooms
  • Speech synthesis
  • Language localisation for subtitle display
  • Real time voting and betting function
  • Synchronous connection of external hyperreal systems
  • Connection to other timeline based events
VR Sync Kooperationen

We create magic moments.

Experience the virtual world with others at the same time.

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